Welcome to Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches

Today millions of people are suffering from the disease of addiction. Often times the fear of an uncomfortable detox experience keeps many from seeking help. Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches is the very first step in your journey to a comfortable and successful recovery. Utilizing the most current advances for detox treatment addictions of all types such as alcohol, prescription drugs, cocaine, Oxycontin and heroin patients can be treated comfortably, safely and cost effectively.

At Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches we believe that every individual is unique and should be treated as such. An assessment of the individuals needs will based on the severity and history of their addiction as well as their medical history. Based on this assessment an individual detox protocol will be created.

At Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches you will be treated directly by Dr. David Liporace and his staff. Dr. Liporace is Suboxone Certified and is also a national lecturer to the medical profession in such areas as addiction and mental health.

At Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches a Detox Coordinator will be assigned to each patient. Besides seeing Dr. Liporace on your scheduled appointments your Detox Coordinator will be in contact with you on a daily basis. Any issues or questions regarding your detox will be discussed and presented to Dr. Liporace on a daily basis as well. Any changes or modifications to your detox treatment regimen can be accomplished promtply and efficiently to assure a comfortable and successful detox experience.

Do not allow the fear of detox to prevent you from taking the first step to your recovery.

Contact us now for more information and to schedule an appointment at our South Florida outpatient detox center.

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