Detox for Heroin Addiction

HEROIN ADDICITON: Heroin addiction as been present in our communities for many decades. Over the past ten years the incidence of heroin addiction is again on the rise for a number of reasons. Many individuals become addicted to other substances first, such as prescription drugs like oxycodone. Because of the increased cost of obtaining these drugs, many people start seeking out and using heroin because it costs much less.

The continued usage of heroin over time will inevitably lead to many severe consequences such as lost relationships, jail and potentially many serious medical and emotional consequences and even death.

It is impossible to begin the journey of recovery without taking that first step, which is detox. Our professional staff has the medical qualifications and empathy to help you make that first step “where the journey begins.”

In past years many people addicted to heroin where very fearful of facing an uncomfortable detox and therefore this acted as a deterrent to people seeking out a treatment. Today with the advent of drugs like Suboxone, as well as being under the care of a well trained and skillful physician, patients no longer have to fear the severity of an unpleasant detox experience.

At Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches we can provide a variety of detox options
based on the needs of the individual. You will work closely with our Medical Director who will not only create your individual detox plan, but also will monitor and manage your treatment.

Breaking the cycle of a physical addiction must be accomplished in an environment where the client feels understood and confident he/she will not suffer. Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches provides this and much more. A comfortable, convenient and affordable detox is the goal of Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches.

Getting clean from your addiction of heroin can feel like an impossibility. But, there is a solution. Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches. Remember you are not alone.

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