Opiate Addiction and Detox

Detox Solutions offers detoxification from opiates on an outpatient basis. At Detox Solutions we offer many treatment protocols as well as the use of various medications that is based on the needs of the individual. At Detox Solutions an extensive evaluation for each individual patient is performed based on medical, emotional, and physical needs. Then a treatment plan is formulated based on each client’s needs. That’s what makes Detox Solutions different and unique. The goal for Detox Solutions is to design a detoxification program so that you have the ability to comfortably move away from being opiate dependent. Depending on your needs our Medical Director can prescribe medications such as Suboxone to address the withdrawal, and craving symptoms that are associated with opiate detox.

Please contact us if you would like information or are ready to schedule an appointment at our South Florida outpatient detox center.

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