While Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches recognizes that individuals addicted to drugs like heroin, opiates and prescription drugs refrain from continued usage of these drugs it also recognizes that many individuals will require assistance with a drug such as Suboxone to achieve a comfortable, effective detox.
Suboxone has been available since 2002 for maintenance treatment of opiate dependence and addiction.

Suboxone has proven to be very effective in preventing the symptoms of withdrawal from such drugs as heroin and opiates and is often prescribed to treat dependency to heroin and opiates including Oxycontin, Vicodin, Loratab for Fetanyl. Suboxone, unlike methadone, allows your treatment to take place in the privacy and comfort of an independent, private practice and does not necessitate treatment in the cold impersonal setting of a clinic. Suboxone provides a client with the independence they need to remain functional and effective in their daily lives be it in the work place, classroom, or at home.

Our medical staff at Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches is specifically trained and licensed in Suboxone treatment. Our clients are provided with the care and assistance needed to initially maintain and then taper their Suboxone use.

Detox Solutions of the Palm Beaches is prepared to work closely with any individual to develop a treatment program which will help to take their first step in their journey of recovery.

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